Stateful Applications In Kubernetes


About This Paper

Recent surveys suggest rapid growth in the number of stateful applications being run on Kubernetes. However, the challenges of running production-ready transactional systems are one of the top concerns for Kubernetes users.

Kubernetes and container-based application development can play a core role in facilitating any switch to DevOps, GitOps, and more efficient CI/CD pipelines. But while many organizations are happy to develop and run stateless workloads within this environment, there has been a reticence to transfer and build more business-critical, stateful applications on Kubernetes. Even where early adopters have leaped to run transactional systems on Kubernetes, fear of storing data in a system built to run ephemeral containers has led to an over-reliance on costly database and cloud storage services.

This paper explores the challenges and realities of running business-critical stateful applications on Kubernetes — the hidden risks, pitfalls, and costs; alongside the latest solutions and exciting new opportunities. It is now possible to cost-effectively run any stateful applications on Kubernetes safely, securely, at scale, and with high performance. This paper explains how.

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