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Don't let persistent storage be the root cause of system outages or poor performance.


Run Kubernetes with confidence at scale

Run your database or any persistent workload in a Kubernetes environment without having to worry about managing the storage layer. Ondat gives you the ability to deliver a consistent storage layer across any platform.


production ready icon  Production ready

You need reliable persistent storage to run your applications at scale.  Ondat is used by customers around the globe to deliver fault-tolerant, high performant storage.


kubernetes native icon  Kubernetes native

Ondat integrates with any Kubernetes distribution and your tooling. Volumes are configured using standard Kubernetes APIs and CLI, allowing for easy adoption and integration within CI/CD and GitOps workflows.


platform reliability icon  Platform independent

Get consistency across all the platforms you run on, from a developers laptop, to on-premise, hybrid and cloud. With Ondat your data services can easily move between platforms.

First steps with Ondat

Understand the Ondat platform and how to use it to solve persistent storage challenges in Kubernetes.

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Helping teams deliver Kubernetes at scale

Ondat is helping teams in enterprises and startups around the world deliver stable and high performing Kubernetes clusters.


  • Data is always available in the cluster by ensuring that volumes are replicated constantly.
  • Delta sync ensures that persistent volumes are highly resilient and rapidly scheduled for workloads.
  • Data is checksummed at a block-level guaranteeing no corruption.


  • Integrates with any Kubernetes distribution and tooling.
  • Managed using standard Kubernetes APIs and CLI tools allowing easy integration into GipOps and CI/CD pipelines.
  • A configurable cluster architecture allows you to customize Ondat based on your needs.


  • Predictable performance profiles for latency-sensitive message queues.
  • Ondat works with the Kubernetes scheduler to ensure workloads are co-located with nodes that contain their data.
  • In-memory caching is available even to workloads not on the same node as the storage.


  • Ondat encrypts all network traffic, ensuring that your data is kept secure even in multi-tenant environments.
  • Encryption at rest can be configured using a Kubernetes label, allowing developers to easily enable it, or platform operators to automate it.
  • It integrates with existing Kubernetes security primitives, allowing cluster operators to use RBAC to secure Ondat operations.

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