Build Better Faster

Run stateful applications in Kubernetes like a pro

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Give your Kubernetes cluster the persistent volumes it deserves

Stateful applications need a persistence layer that is mission-critical ready. Ondat gives you Kubernetes native storage volumes that work at scale, anywhere you want to run.

Build like a pro

Build stuff faster

You concentrate on building your applications, let us make sure you have the right data services whenever and wherever you need them.

No fuss integration

Enable your cloud native platform to support stateful data layers and accelerate your development with just a few lines of configuration.

No app left behind

With a broad ecosystem of platforms and applications, we can support running your stateful workloads wherever you want them.

Have your cake and eat it

Use a proven platform to provide a rock solid data layer to host your data services on.

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Deliver your applications in cloud native time

Ondat accelerates the time to develop production-ready applications. Give your application a dedicated storage layer that can scale from your laptop to supporting the world's largest deployments.

No need to understand storage

We all know what we need from a storage perspective but we are not all storage experts. Ondat provides you with a simple way for your applications to consume data services like all your other cloud native tools.

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Use APIs vs asking your 'storage guy'

The world is API driven, so why should you need to open a ticket to request storage? Ondat provides you with persistent volumes via the standard Kubernetes API objects. No more waiting in line.

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Everything as templates, everything as code

Ondat does not require a separate SDK or proprietary API set but delivers everything from the Kubernetes API objects that you already use.

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Self-service experience

What is cloud native? To be empowered with the necessary autonomy to deliver the best of your imagination. Ondat delivers a true self-service experience and reduces the time to build and deploy your latest genius.

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