A Kubernetes Data Plane that scales

Deliver stateful data services to the cloud native developer


Containers have made app deployment lightweight and portable

We think your data should be too


Ondat is a cloud native storage solution that delivers persistent container storage for your stateful applications in production.

Fast, scalable, software-based block storage, Ondat delivers high availability, rapid application failover, replication, encryption of data in-transit & at-rest, data reduction with access controls and native Kubernetes integration.

Dynamically provision highly available persistent volumes by simply deploying Ondat anywhere with a simple operator.


Free your data

Persistent storage

Ondat protects your data. We do this by serving as an abstraction layer of your data. You store it where you want, we present it to your stateful application. By creating up to five replicas of your data, Ondat ensures high availability and rapid failover.



Applications run faster on the Ondat low latency data plane. All data services (such as replication, compression and encryption) are are optimized and accelerated to scale on any platform.


Data services

Built for containers, Ondat provides the cloud native storage needed with the traditional storage features required in the enterprise including data reduction, storage pooling, replication for HA, agile scaling and block check sums.


Ease of Use

In just a few command lines, you can get started with Ondat. Get started with the Personal Edition and scale Ondat to your business requirements.

Self Service

Kubernetes Native

Dynamically provision volumes and scale your containerized applications to build any stateful application or service.

Config Driven