StorageOS Announces Rancher Partnership for Seamless Cloud Native Storage Integration

Danielle Cook

StorageOS v1.2 is now available in the Rancher catalog providing cloud native, persistent storage for running stateful applications in containers

KubeCon, Barcelona – May 21, 2019 – StorageOS, a leading provider of software-defined, persistent storage for containers, today announced its integration with Rancher Labs. Now available in the Rancher catalog, StorageOS seamlessly integrates with Rancher for users to run stateful applications, such as databases or CI/CD applications, under the control of Kubernetes without the application data being lost.

“Rancher is a powerful choice for enterprises looking to run containers and Kubernetes in production,” said Chris Brandon, CEO at StorageOS. “Partnering with Rancher and being available in the catalog allows customers to maximize their investment in Kubernetes and Rancher as they are able to use StorageOS to deploy stateful workloads in production.”

Rancher deploys Kubernetes clusters anywhere, on any provider and unites them under centralized authentication and access control. Both infrastructure and OS agnostic, the StorageOS integration allows users to deploy databases, message queues, and mission-critical stateful applications anywhere.

Shannon Williams, co-founder of Rancher Labs said, “The combination of Rancher and StorageOS gives Kubernetes users a powerful cloud native platform with the management layer and persistent storage needed to maximize their investment in containers, improve production deployment and decrease infrastructure costs.”

StorageOS is built from the bottom up with no legacy restrictions. It allows Kubernetes and Rancher users to save on infrastructure software and hardware costs, improve application agility and operational efficiency and respond to business change quickly. StorageOS v1.2 is now available enhancing performance, security and delivering Rapid Failover.

StorageOS will present a Kubernetes Master Class on Fast Database Recovery on Rancher on July 30, 2019 to showcase how StorageOS implements fencing for fast database recovery on Rancher.

Product Availability

StorageOS can be deployed from the Rancher catalog. Special pricing is available to Rancher users by contacting

Supporting Resources

Documentation | Volume Guide | About the Partnership | Learn more about StorageOS at KubeCon, booth S35.

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