Latest Ondat Platform Two Times Faster, Delivers Higher Availability and Improved Performance for Stateful Kubernetes Applications


Synchronizes data across availability zones, industry-leading performance even faster

LONDON, December 9, 2021 --
Ondat, the leading Kubernetes-native data platform provider, today announced version 2.5, which can synchronize data across different data centers to provide high availability, along with failover disaster recovery. Plus, its industry-leading performance is enhanced for even faster replica synchronization -- more than two times faster with even higher speeds on high-latency networks.

The update applies to Ondat for on-premises data centers and its recently launched SaaS platform helping customers manage stateful Kubernetes applications with persistent data volumes.

“Ondat 2.5 addresses the top requirements we’re hearing from our customers and prospects who want the same features and performance of their Kubernetes deployments that they are used to before in their data center,” said James Brown, Head of Product & Platforms at Ondat. “For Kubernetes deployments, this brings a new level of high availability and improved performance.”

Another new feature in the latest version enables execution within ‘kubectl’, making it easy for administrators to continue using their existing DevOps toolset without disruption. Also, the Kubernetes operator has been rewritten to maintain consistency with the latest changes to Kubernetes.

The Ondat platform makes it easy for developers to build and deploy production-ready, stateful applications and services anywhere while benefiting from the composability, scale, performance, and high availability expected for business-critical applications. By offering operators a single cohesive persistence layer for Kubernetes, it lets them move their business data freely between platforms and provides operators with a holistic view of their Kubernetes and data resources enabling them to manage those from one place.

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About Ondat

Ondat is the Kubernetes-native platform for running stateful applications, anywhere, at scale. Ondat delivers persistent storage directly onto any Kubernetes cluster for running business-critical, stateful applications safely across any public, private and hybrid clouds. For development, DevOps professionals and technology executives, it provides an agnostic platform to run any data service anywhere while ensuring industry-leading levels of application performance, high availability and security.

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Joe Eckert for OnDat

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