Ondat Platform Architecture Overview

Platform Architecture Overview


Cloud native is fast becoming the de-facto standard in IT development as businesses seek to innovate quickly. That means deploying apps anywhere in seconds, helping to improve time to market, and ensuring a great end-user app experience. This new cloud native world sees the adoption of containers and orchestrators to achieve many business and technology outcomes. During the cloud native journey, organizations will soon realize that they want to move stateful workloads to their new environments.

While containers provide well-understood advantages over both physical and virtual machines, they are ephemeral filesystems that do not persist to disk. To run applications that require persistent storage within containers, we require a layer that can provide persistent disk storage to those containers, independent of the lifecycle of the containers themselves.

This paper is an architecture overview of how Ondat delivers a software-defined, cloud-native storage solution.

About Ondat

Ondat is a software-defined, cloud native storage solution. We give you total control of your storage environment – whether on-premises or in the cloud. We deliver persistent storage to applications in containerized environments, helping you achieve all of the business benefits of this technology. Our software is built for developers and is highly performant allowing you to break lock-in, improve agility and respond to change quickly. With Ondat, you can expect to save on infrastructure costs because you’ll turn commodity hardware into enterprise-grade storage. Your engineers will love that they can self-provision storage without waiting months for other teams. This all allows you to respond to business change quickly.


Based on the principles of cloud native, Ondat ships as a container. Our software is deployed as a DaemonSet across your Kubernetes nodes, orchestrated by our operator. Ondat is designed to be simple to install – requiring only a few commands to achieve a working cluster.

Inside the Ondat container

Ondat consists of two fundamental components - an intelligent control plane and data plane.


Component 13 – 1
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Learn why organizations like Accenture, Amarena, Interconnect, and more trust Ondat to manage data for mission-critical Kube-native applications.

  • Replication for high availability
  • Encryption at rest
  • Policy management
  • Rapid failover (fencing)
  • Management