Ondat for Google Anthos


A uniform data management layer that runs across any Anthos-compatible platform

Google Anthos is a powerful multi-cloud or hybrid-cloud management solution for Kubernetes. It provides a unified, single point of control for users to manage a large estate or fleets of Kubernetes clusters. Fleets can be distributed and migrated across different cloud providers and on-prem infrastructures. Its current compatibility includes Google Compute Platform (GCP), Microsoft Azure, AWS, and VMs running on bare metal or more traditional enterprise infrastructures. 

Anthos provides and maintains a unified, enterprise-wide Kubernetes environment. Anthos Config Sync lets platform engineers create a standard Kubernetes configuration, including custom policies, applying them uniformly across diverse and distributed infrastructure. Anthos Config Management evaluates changes and rolls them out to all Kubernetes clusters so that the actual desired state is always reflected. Anthos also delivers secure, unified monitoring through Anthos Service Mesh. This provides traffic management, in-depth observability, telemetry, and definable SLOs, using sidecar proxy containers, which link together to form a service mesh.

But Anthos offers more than just a much-needed, cross-platform management solution. With a unified Kubernetes ecosystem in place, Migrate for Anthos gives users complete freedom to maneuver their global fleet of Kubernetes clusters between regions, cloud providers, and different enterprise platforms.

Data – The Forgotten Anchor for your Anthos fleet

Anthos delivers a compelling vision of cloud portability, giving users meaningful leverage to negotiate the best value deals from cloud and platform providers. It enables hybrid cloud strategies.

It provides DevOps and CI/CD teams with the ability to painlessly move apps between dev, test, and production environments hosted on different infrastructures.

However, Anthos’ flexible nature means no default storage backend is prescribed for an Anthos Kubernetes cluster. This one missing aspect of uniformity can impede true cloud portability, making it complicated to move stateful applications and data between different storage architectures and even leaving applications locked into platform-specific storage and database services.

For Anthos users, Ondat removes this final barrier to complete portability. It provides a uniform data management layer that runs across any Anthos-compatible platform. Our software-defined data layer abstracts from any underlying storage, ensuring users can freely move persistent volumes, stateful applications, databases, and data across their entire Anthos ecosystem.


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Learn why organizations like Accenture, Amarena, Interconnect, and more trust Ondat to manage data for mission-critical Kube-native applications.

  • Optimize Existing Storage While Slashing Operating Costs: Ondat’s Kube-native data mesh optimizes any underlying storage to deliver persistent volumes into any Kubernetes distribution with improved performance and enterprise-grade resilience and data security. This gives users new freedom to choose between the full range of storage options offered by the underlying platform.
  • Automate State and Deliver Developer Self-Service: The Ondat SaaS platform extends these same benefits to storage. Disparate backend storage from the different cloud and on-premise environments can be connected, optimized, and managed from a central point. This is then delivered as a unified set of persistent data services into any Kubernetes distribution.