Ondat for PostgreSQL

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Run PostgreSQL workloads safely, performantly, and at scale with Ondat

PostgreSQL is a powerful Open Source RDBMS chosen by companies worldwide for its enterprise features, performance, and reliability.

Increasingly, operators are choosing to move their PostgreSQL workloads into Kubernetes to take advantage of the power, tooling, and mindshare of the Kubernetes platform. In addition, it allows organizations to offer self-service managed databases to their development teams without locking themselves into a specific cloud-managed database.

But while Kubernetes offers excellent scheduling capabilities for transient workloads, the implementation of persistent volumes varies massively across different providers, with each bringing challenges. In contrast, on-premises deployments of Kubernetes only offer local persistent volumes or HostPath volumes. Both are unsuitable for running production loads at scale.

Ondat Solution 
Ondat allows operators to run PostgreSQL workloads safely, performantly, and at scale. With Ondat, you can be sure that PostgreSQL can make full use of fast local storage while still enjoying the flexibility and power that Kubernetes offers. 
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Learn why organizations like Accenture, Amarena, Interconnect, and more trust Ondat to manage data for mission-critical Kube-native applications.

  • Fast, predictable query times: Using its innovative clustering and data replication, Ondat enables you to choose the most suitable storage medium for your workload, without compromising performance.
  • Increased data safety: Ondat combines speed and safety. Using powerful in-memory and write persisted caching, Ondat offers high performance with guaranteed read and writes.
  • Higher resiliency: By eliminating cumbersome and often unreliable cloud storage operations, Ondat delivers on the reliability and resiliency promise of Kubernetes for PostgreSQL.

Kubernetes has transformed the way modern applications are deployed. Using Kubernetes, teams can fully utilize techniques such as GitOps and CI/CD to deploy software in a truly agile manner. And while Kubernetes brings significant advances in scheduled workloads by default, Kubernetes persistent volumes are not ready for high-scale production workloads. Inconsistent features, expensive cloud storage, and poor performance can challenge operators of Kubernetes to run mission-critical persistent applications at scale.

Ondat brings peace of mind by offering production-ready Kube-Native persistent volumes and allows you to run your most mission-critical persistent applications within any Kubernetes cluster, either in the cloud or on-premises, without compromising reliability or performance. By offering operators a single cohesive persistence layer for Kubernetes, their business data can finally move freely between platforms.