Ondat for MongoDB

Ondat + Mongo

Make the magical MongoDB/Kubernetes mix enterprise-ready with Ondat

There are 175 million downloads that vouch for the strengths of MongoDB. Combining developer ease-of-use and extensive scaling options, the world’s leading document database is trusted by users across banking, healthcare, heavy industry, and more.
Running MongoDB on Kubernetes offers an even more powerful combination, with a host of additional operations benefits. Added to this, the efficiency of Kubernetes can reduce the costs of running Mongo by an order of magnitude when compared to hosted cloud alternatives and DBaaS offerings.
But is it enterprise-ready? The magical Mongo/Kube mix brings with it some challenges. Cloud-based storage and the ephemeral nature of the Kubernetes scheduler can make it difficult to deliver fully-hardened, production-ready applications. These difficulties become painfully apparent when write guarantees are used within MongoDB, to ensure data is correctly persisted to storage.
Ondat Solution 
Ondat removes the pain, allowing MongoDB administrators to enjoy the significant operational benefits of Kubernetes without compromising on MongoDB performance or resiliency. With deterministic performance and storage operations that are orders of magnitude faster, Ondat makes Kubernetes an enterprise-ready MongoDB platform.
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Learn why organizations like Accenture, Amarena, Interconnect, and more trust Ondat to manage data for mission-critical Kube-native applications.

  • Reduce lagging nodes due to cluster activity: Ondat’s in-built data replication ensures that data is instantly available to the MongoDB node as soon as it is rescheduled, reducing MongoDB pod interruption to bare minimum levels for business-critical applications.
  • Predictable better-performing queries on out-of-memory sets: Ondat enables MongoDB admins to use highly perfomant local disk storage, enabling them to run large enterprise datasets without the vast expense of matching RA.
  • Increased checkpoint and journal performance: Ondat’s deterministic performance enables MongoDB administrators to safely increase the checkpoint and journal frequency, delivering higher levels of data resiliency without a performance penalty.

Kubernetes has transformed the way modern applications are deployed. Using Kubernetes, teams can fully utilize techniques such as GitOps and CI/CD to deploy software in a truly agile manner. And while Kubernetes brings significant advances in scheduled workloads by default, Kubernetes persistent volumes are not ready for high-scale production workloads. Inconsistent features, expensive cloud storage, and poor performance can challenge operators of Kubernetes to run mission-critical persistent applications at scale.

Ondat brings peace of mind by offering production-ready Kube-Native persistent volumes. Ondat allows you to run your most mission-critical persistent applications within any Kubernetes cluster, either in the cloud or on-premises, without compromising reliability or performance. And by offering operators a single cohesive persistence layer for Kubernetes, their business data can finally move freely between platforms.