Ondat for Kafka

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Scale Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, without compromise.

Developed by Linkedin to handle the immense Key Features throughput of their platform, Kafka has become the streaming platform of choice for developers who require low latency, high-scale, and persistent event streaming for their applications.
Designed to be highly resilient, Kafka can still benefit enormously from being hosted within Kubernetes. Administrators can utilize the Kubernetes common control plane to create a robust deployment and management tool. Kafka can also take advantage of Kubernetes pod and node scaling features to enhance and complement its own powerful horizontal scaling features.

However, block storage offered by cloud providers does not deliver on these additional advantages, with a lack of both predictable performance and adequate scheduling features.
Ondat Solution 
Ondat allows Kafka brokers to take full advantage of Kubernetes. Administrators gain performant, predictable, and secure storage regardless of the cloud provider. Ondat unlocks the ability to host high-scale Kafka clusters on Kubernetes, without compromise.
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Learn why organizations like Accenture, Amarena, Interconnect, and more trust Ondat to manage data for mission-critical Kube-native applications.

  • Predictable disk latency: Ondat Persistent Volumes are perfectly suited to the architecture of Kafka instances running on Kubernetes.
  • Faster broker recovery: Ondat allows Kafka to make the best use of Kubernetes scheduling without performance bottlenecks.
  • Powerful encryption at rest: Ondat uses powerful AES encryption to ensure Kafka data is secured both at rest and in transit and further enhances existing security measures.

Kubernetes has transformed the way modern applications are deployed. Using Kubernetes, teams can fully utilize techniques such as GitOps and CI/CD to deploy software in a truly agile manner. And while Kubernetes brings significant advances in scheduled workloads by default, Kubernetes persistent volumes are not ready for high-scale production workloads. Inconsistent features, expensive cloud storage, and poor performance can challenge operators of Kubernetes to run mission-critical persistent applications at scale.

Ondat brings peace of mind by offering production-ready Kube-Native persistent volumes. Ondat allows you to run your most mission-critical persistent applications within any Kubernetes cluster, either in the cloud or on-premises, without compromising reliability or performance. And by offering operators a single cohesive persistence layer for Kubernetes, their business data can finally move freely between platforms.