Ondat & EKS: Better Together


Run and manage stateful applications at scale within Kubernetes

Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) is a managed container service used to run and scale Kubernetes applications in the cloud or on-premise with the EKS Anywhere offering. Many AWS customers rely on EKS to reduce the complexity of managing and running Kubernetes workloads.

When running stateful workloads in EKS, Ondat provides a unique set of features that enhances the capabilities of the AWS storage services. Ondat provides additional features, performance, and cost benefits whilst using the underlying AWS storage service to work in a true kube-native fashion.

Ondat Solution

Ondat delivers a secure, unified, and consistent management platform for persistent data and stateful development across your EKS clusters and global estate. Configure, automate and deliver stateful applications as a global developer-self-service solution integrated into EKS.

eks benefits with ondat

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Learn why organizations like Accenture, Amarena, Interconnect, and more trust Ondat to manage data for mission-critical Kube-native applications.

  • Deploy: Ondat is quick and easy to deploy on EKS in AWS, or EKSA on-premises.
  • Optimize: Our kube-native data layer can simultaneously reduce costs, increase performance, and improve reliability and security.
  • Automate: Ondat combines the freedom and flexibility to create differentiated, enterprise-grade DBaaS and data services, together with the power to automate and provide these through a simple developer-self-service marketplace.