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Kube-Native Data Services with Ondat and CloudCasa

Run and protect your stateful apps at scale with Ondat and CloudCasa at 50% of your current cost


Ondat & CloudCasa are offering a select group of existing Portworx customers:

Group 1035

50% discount on your first year

Group 1036

Free migration services

Group 1037

Ongoing specialist Kubernetes support

Component 13 – 1

Simplified and cost-effective container native storage & data protection with Ondat & CloudCasa

The combined solution stack from Ondat and CloudCasa gives customers a unified solution to run your stateful applications on Kubernetes without worrying about availability, performance, protection, and recovery of your data.



Highly Performant with No Lock-in

  • Ondat is 32% faster than Portworx , as per recent benchmarking.
  • CloudCasa is named leader in the latest Gigaom Kubernetes data protection report.
  • Supports all Kubernetes distros, all clouds
  • CloudCasa uses Ondat to take and manage snapshots in order to back up and restore Kubernetes Persistent Volumes (PVs).

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  • Unlike other solutions, only pay for your storage capacity and the data you are protecting.
  • Requires less CPU and network resources to deploy, reducing costs by 40%.
  • By running ETCD inside the cluster, Ondat reduces operational and external service costs.
  • Free Kubernetes ETCD backups and Persistent Volume (PV) snapshots with CloudCasa.


Flexible and Simple

  • Get started with just one node, unlike other solutions which require at least 3 nodes.
  • Backup as a service with CloudCasa- No management or infrastructure overhead. Scale as you grow. Multi-tenant, flexible and secure.
  • Unlike other solutions which have proprietary Kernel dependencies, Ondat runs in user space giving you more flexibility.
  • Run backups on your cloud-native and kube-native workloads in under 10 minutes from first signing up.
  • Delta sync ensures better consistency of data and avoids any kind of data corruption.
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