Amarena: Delivering Lightning Fast Pandemic Response

Rapid Kubernetes Development with Scale, Performance and Enterprise Resilience

Group 409

The Customer

  • Group 129 Company Name: Amarena
  • Ellipse 97 Industry: Distribution
  • Group 130 Location: France

From its early start supplying stereo equipment, then household furnishings and popular furniture brands to customers in French overseas territories, CAFOM Group has built out its distribution business to supply popular brands such as BUT, Habitat, First Deco and Darty in over 7 territories globally, with revenues of over €370M in 2020. Amarena was established as a separate agile subsidiary of CAFOM in 2020, to foster a new startup culture for delivering innovative digital solutions to the group.

The Challenge

The Amarena team wanted to build stateful, transactional applications in Kubernetes: using container based development for speed, simplicity and future scalability. To speed development further, the team were looking to ‘lift and shift’ sections of program code from CAFOM’s legacy, monolithic application to run as services on the new Kubernetes platform.

The Solution

Performance and Reliability

High-performance local storage, which could be made available to every node in the cluster.

Developer Self-Service

Fast, simple access to Persistent Volumes and the ability to fire up stateful apps & databases in a few clicks.

Portability for the Future

The ability to work with any Kubernetes implementation across public, private or hybrid cloud.

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