Addressing the Shift Left in Storage - Welcome to Ondat


It’s an exciting time for us! As you can see, StorageOS has changed its name and branding. But this is just a small part of what we are up to. It’s part of our response to a much bigger change that we see taking place in the storage industry as a whole. A shift that the new Ondat platform is perfectly placed to help our customers ride the Kubernetes wave.

Kube-native changes

Data, storage and storage management is ‘shifting left’ to the developer.  Kube-native developers and platform engineers are becoming the most influential consumers of enterprise storage and storage based data services. 

And in this Kube-native world we have to realize two things: 

  1. Developers are the starting point for everything in the build cycle: they now use Kubernetes to compose the entire application platform - including storage, as all applications store state somewhere.
  2. Organizations must make it easier for developers to get storage right, from the start, in order to avoid having to fix it later.

Kube-native developers now expect push-button access to a persistent data store. The problem is that, right now, it is complex to implement well, and it’s much quicker and easier for developers to implement badly: ignoring the need for high availability, security and performance; or in a way that locks your application into specific, often very costly, cloud services.

The Ondat platform makes it easy for developers to build and deploy production ready, stateful applications and services, anywhere, whilst benefiting from the composability, scale, performance and high availability that is expected for business critical applications.

Free your data

The whole industry is waking up to this trend. Currently, there is a lot more talk than available product, but storage vendors, cloud providers and others are discussing quick, easy developer-self-service tooling and APIs that let them get on with the job of building stateful applications. However, many of these folks are essentially viewing developers as a new route to lock-in customers to their storage. So what is the difference with Ondat?

Ondat is offering the most easy-to-use developer services for running and creating stateful applications in Kubernetes. Just as before, we are all about delivering storage into Kubernetes in a resilient way that performs, scales and delivers greater flexibility than any other solution. And the customer gets the freedom to choose, configure and control the platform, and where their applications are built and run.

Kube-native developers get simple data services and consistent APIs from their development laptop through to production. Applications and now storage become portable between any cloud: public, private or hybrid. While on the backend, platform engineers, operations, storage, even finance teams, have freedom to choose exactly where and what the underlying storage is, and control how it is configured.

Welcome to Ondat; the Kube-native platform for running stateful applications, anywhere, at scale!

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