Setting a High Bar for Cloud Native Storage

Setting a High Bar for Cloud Native Storage

IT engineers today are tasked with accomplishing very specific goals; unfortunately, when it comes to the tools we need, we are surrounded by many choices, most of which are only partial solutions, at best. Finding that solution that makes our jobs easier today and doesn’t create even more tasks and concerns tomorrow in our organization can be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Engineers really want and need solutions that address our current needs, abstract away the stuff we don’t want to think about, and are several steps ahead of us in anticipating our future needs. I think of it like buying a car: there are certain things I care about—perhaps it’s the gas mileage and the style of the body. I do not need to know all the details about the transmission or the engine because I rely on the fact that other people have taken care of that for me. I also care whether the manufacturer is a forward-thinking, innovative company committed to customer experience. Have they thought ahead to things I don’t even realize I need, like safety, lower carbon emissions, etc? 

I have seen this search for reliable, comprehensive, “grow-with-me” solutions play out in most of the roles I’ve held throughout my career. Whether at JP Morgan, American Express, Microsoft, Civo, or now at Canonical, I’ve witnessed a common theme among companies of all sizes–we want IT architectures and solutions that are opinionated, easy to use, and powerful, but not prescriptive, limited, or short-sighted. 

This is particularly important when it comes to data storage for two reasons. First, there is nothing more critical to your business than your data. If you have no data, you have no business. Second, although many data storage challenges have been largely solved for traditional legacy environments, there’s a significant technology gap in cloud native storage. Engineers need a cloud native platform that can manage storage at scale for short and long terms with integrity, security, compliance auditing, and resource management across the digital footprint. Admittedly, finding a solution that can meet those expectations today is rare, but the high bar has been set, and there is no turning back. 

That’s why I’m excited to join the Advisory Board of Ondat. Ondat is in a great technical and architectural position to address these new-era challenges that do not tax engineers with additional toil and yet another shift-left learning curve. Ondat delivers the value of an opinionated solution rather than a bucket of parts. It provides a narrative, journey, and guardrails for most any level of user, from a single developer with a WordPress site to a distributed team at a multinational corporation. It’s a powerful approach that meets engineers where their needs are today and yet has the flexibility to adapt and grow as their deployments do.

To be sure, there are a lot of free storage offerings out there. Still, many don't offer high-quality, ubiquitous solutions with replication, resilience, or recovery security—and that's just the minimum requirements to succeed at Day One. On Day Two, add to the challenge the need to manage through upgrades, manage cost, and change configurations based on a location, just for starters.

This is what intrigues me about Ondat: As a company and a platform, Ondat is moving toward creating an end-to-end solution that provides storage that protects your data and enables you to solve your business challenges on Day Two and beyond. You won’t have to assimilate bits and pieces; you won’t have to bolt on anything to your deployment stack–it’s all baked in. 

Over the year's balance, there are exciting things on the horizon for Kubernetes and data, and I’m looking forward to having a seat at the table as Ondat helps users navigate the road ahead.

You can learn more about why I think Ondat is on the right track by scheduling a demo with the engineering team to learn more about the technology and see how the team can help your technical use case. Also, I’m excited to join Ondat Founder and CEO Alex Chircop and fellow Ondat advisory board member Cheryl Hung for a Data on Kubernetes London Meetup on June 30. Check it out, and join us if you can!

written by:
Alex Jones

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