Practical Guide: Deploy WordPress and MySQL without Data Loss


Applications such as WordPress or MySQL require the use of data persistence. It is common when deploying such applications to use a HostPath volume as it is agnostic from the platform. A HostPath volume shares the filesystem of the Host within the container making the data available between pod restarts. However, it ties the data to one node only, creating a single point of failure and restricting any kind of scalability. Kubernetes is not able to schedule the application in any other node even if it is unavailable. This leads to eventual data loss.

Join us for an upcoming Kubernetes Master Class on deploying WordPress and MySQL without data loss. Ferran Castell, Product Reliability Engineer will discuss:

  • The behavior between different kinds of volumes, best practices for production clusters and PV and PVC common missteps that lead to data loss
  • How to provision a production ready WordPress site that guarantees high availability and scalability through dynamically provisioned ReadWriteMany PVCs
  • Implement ReadWriteOnce volumes for the best MySQL performance and a ReadWriteMany volume for the shared WordPress assets
written by:
Danielle Cook