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It’s time for KubeCon, and we’re excited to bring Ondat v2.9.0 to you! This version gives you more control to customise your Ondat installation. Storage Pooling allows you to optimise your storage use to fit your workload, whilst Allowed Topologies helps to co-locate your applications and storage, and Online Volume Resize lets you scale your volumes to handle increased demand, without impacting applications.

No downtime to resize your volumes

With v2.9.0 we introduce online volume resizing for XFS and ext4 file systems, meaning that downtime is no longer required to resize your volumes, allowing you to react to increased storage requirements in a quick, easy, and seamless way. 

Simply increase the requested storage size of a volume and Ondat will resize it in a way that is transparent to the workload using the volume. 

Maximise your storage types with Storage Pooling

This functionality is all about allowing further specialisation, optimisation, and control over your workloads.

With storage pooling you now have control over the storage types used by your workloads. If you have an application that benefits from fast storage you can create a storage pool comprising your fastest drives across all nodes, and by doing so ensure that the workloads using this pool use only these drives, giving a performance boost to your workload. Conversely, you can create a pool of more cost-efficient storage to optimise for running cost of workloads where performance is not a key factor.

If you add a drive to a node simply add the drive to an existing storage pool and it will be used by your workloads with no extra work.

Control your volume placement with Allowed Topologies

By using the new allowed topologies feature you are now able to define topologies that your volume must be present in. This can be used to explicitly co-locate an application and its volumes, ensuring any replicas of the volume exist in the specified topologies so that the co-location persists in case of failure.

With its 2.9 release, Ondat is further enhanced and matured to support stateful applications. But the journey doesn’t stop here and there is more to come!

  • To find out more about the specifics, read the full release notes here
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  • If you are at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon NA 2022 in Detroit, please drop by Booth S39 to chat with our team about it. 
written by:
Simon Flavell
Simon is a Product Reliability Engineer at Ondat, with experience in cloud and low-latency trading infrastructures.

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