Launching Cloud Native London


As a CNCF ambassador, I kicked off the very first ever Cloud Native meetup in London. Despite a last minute change of venue due to too many people signing up (not a bad problem!), there was excellent networking and discussion among the eighty attendees, including prominent members of the DevOps community in London.

I started by explaining that I founded the group because I wanted to hear about four topics:

  1. Real world experiences of moving to containers, orchestration and microservices
  2. The tools that people built to solve their pain points that could benefit the community
  3. Roadmaps from industry insiders
  4. Opinions on the future of cloud native

Along with sharing what attendees wanted from the group:

Word doodle on Kubernetes Cloud Container

Next Michael Hausenblas of Red Hat invited a discussion on “What does cloud native mean (to you)?”. Michael’s opinion is that in order for a tool to be considered cloud native, it:

  • Must be portable between environments
  • Must use appropriate unit of deployment
  • Should be cluster-aware

The audience had excellent responses, e.g. whether it was important to be portable between orchestrators and how he would define cloud native infrastructure, rather than apps.

Ben Hall followed up with “The challenges of becoming cloud-native”. He showed off some lightning demos of deploying a 2009 Windows application with zero changes using containers, and tying Kubernetes, Istio, Prometheus and more to load balance between multiple versions of an API.

After enjoying sliders, sandwiches and pastries (which were very well received as a change from the more typical meetup pizza) we headed to the pub.

The next Cloud Native London meetup will be on August 1, 2017 and you can RSVP now. See you there!

written by:
Cheryl Hung