Kubernetes 1.7: Native StorageOS Volume Support

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We are excited to announce that the release of Kubernetes 1.7 adds native support for StorageOS volumes.

Ondat is a software-only storage solution that provides fast, resilient data volumes directly to applications, wherever they move within the cluster.

This integration allows users to declare storage resources as part of composable Kubernetes application deployments. When combined with security controls and policy enforcement, developers can be granted self-service provisioning within boundaries set by administrators.

The Ondat storage provider in Kubernetes supports:

  • Dynamic provisioning using storage classes
  • Persistent volumes and persistent volume claims

Running on Kubelet nodes, the StorageOS container aggregates capacity from local or attached disks and makes virtual volumes available to application containers running within Kubernetes. At its core, Ondat provides virtual volumes as block devices. You may choose the filesystem type to use to make the devices usable from within containers.

Kubernetes users will be familiar with namespaces and labels, both seamlessly integrated into Ondat.

When storage classes are used to dynamically provision volumes, Kubernetes namespaces can be mirrored within Ondat to help organize and manage large numbers of volumes. Storage classes and namespaces can also be used to restrict access to volumes.

Kubernetes labels set on volumes are passed to Ondat, where the labels can be used by the StorageOS rules engine to apply policy. For example, a rule can be created to always create replicas of the volume if it has the label “environment=production”. Labels are bi-directional; within Kubernetes, the StorageOS label “storageos.feature.replicas=2” would be set.

Get more information about Ondat and Kubernetes at our documentation.

Ondat provides application-centric and platform agnostic storage for containers and cloud.  The Ondat public beta is available now. Register at https://portal.ondat.io/signup.

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