Enhanced Cloud Native Storage Management and Protection with Ondat and Kasten by Veeam

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Application architecture has evolved over the years from monolithic and virtualized approaches to microservices architecture and containers, with Kubernetes becoming the major container orchestration tool. In the early days of Kubernetes, even if organizations wanted to run databases as containers, there was little tooling available required to run productionised data services. Come 2022, now we see DevOps and developers deploying their application with a kubernetes first approach. Developers now demand the same ease of use and operational simplicity for their data services, increasingly demanding a unified kubernetes solution. Using a unified Kubernetes first approach, we now have solutions  running their databases across on-premise, hybrid or multiple cloud environments. Using Kubernetes simplifies the operations across these execution venues, allowing businesses to develop solutions much faster. Under such a scenario, having a consistent storage layer to provide persistent data and protecting the data at the storage layer becomes a necessity. 

To ease the day 1 and day 2 operations like volume provisioning, replications, snapshots, backup, monitoring and security while running data on Kubernetes, we are very happy to announce our strategic partnership with Kasten by Veeam. Kasten K10 data management platform running on Ondat’s container native storage platform gives a comprehensive persistent data, high performance, data backup, disaster recovery and application portable solution. 

Why Ondat with Kasten by Veeam is the right solution to run data on Kubernetes

Ondat is a software defined container native storage built for Kubernetes delivering persistent storage to applications in containerized environments. With Ondat’s highly performant and consistent data layer, developers get highly available and cloud native storage within a few minutes. 

Kasten by Veeam is a cloud native data management platform addressing the day 2 production challenges to run data on Kubernetes. With Kasten, developers and Devops get an easy to use and scalable platform for backup/restore, disaster recovery and applications mobility for stateful applications deployed on Ondat. 

Some of the core benefits of running Ondat with Kasten K10 are:

  • Portability: Both Ondat and Kasten K10 give you the freedom to move your applications and data between different Kubernetes frameworks as well as between on-premise and cloud clusters with no friction.
  • Built by Kubernetes, built for Kubernetes: Ondat and Kasten K10 are designed using cloud-native architectural principles. Both Ondat and Kasten K10 natively integrate with Kubernetes cluster APIs.
  • Consistent infrastructure and reduced infrastructure costs: Ondat control plane enables cluster operations such as volume placement and dynamically provisions  volume replicas in case of node failure. This eliminates infrastructure slowdowns and lets developers rapidly build and deploy business critical applications.
  • Freedom of choice: Ondat and Kasten K10 support ecosystem tools across the entire application stack, including stateful applications like MongoDB, PostgreSQL, and Cassandra; cloud storage providers like AWS and Azure; and Kubernetes distros like AKS, EKS, Rancher and Openshift.
  • Secure your applications everywhere:  Ondat supports persistent volume claim level data encryption at rest, as well as, data encryption in transit. To provide a truly agnostic solution, Ondat encryption design allows end users to transparently integrate any supported KMS plugin with Ondat encryption key management using the standard Kubernetes API and Kubernetes KMS provider framework. Kasten K10 provides end-to-end security via Kube native RBAC, end-to-end encryption and backup data immutability to protect from ransomware.
  • Ease of use: You can start with Ondat and Kasten K10 and deploy it in a few commands via Ondat and Kasten, using their state of the art portal. Ondat quickly scales according to application requirements and Kasten K10 automatically scans the environment and identifies all the applications requiring protection. 

What’s next?

We are truly bullish about the capabilities Ondat and Kasten by Veeam bring together and can’t wait for you to get started with it. Below are a few resources to help you:

  1. To start with Ondat Community Edition which gives you all the features with unlimited nodes and clusters.
  2. Try the full-featured and FREE edition of Kasten K10 today with this super-quick install in less than 10 minutes.
  3. Read the blog by Kasten on getting started with Ondat and Kasten K10
  4. Step by step guide on how to use the Ondat Snapshots feature to backup and restore your Kubernetes applications using Kasten K10.
written by:
Alex Chircop
Alex is a founder and CTO of Ondat (formerly StorageOS), building software-defined solutions for cloud-native environments. Alex is also a co-chair of the CNCF Storage TAG (previously SIG). Before embarking on the startup adventure he spent over 25 years engineering infrastructure platforms for companies like Nomura and Goldman Sachs.

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