How to Deploy Ondat in an OpenShift Cluster [Video Demo]


If you plan to deploy databases, message busses, and other mission-critical stateful solutions, where rapid recovery and fault tolerance are essential, you need cloud-native storage for OpenShift.

Ondat is software-defined storage designed and built from the ground up to be application-centric. It enables you to run highly performant transactional workloads in OpenShift.

The recommended way to run Ondat on an OpenShift 3.9 cluster is to deploy the StorageOS Cluster Operator. Watch a demo to see how easy it is to deploy Ondat in an OpenShift cluster.

written by:
Ferran Castell
Ferran is an engineer that focused on infrastructure from early on with over 10 years experience building and running sensitive 24x7 platforms. Challenges at scale always spark my interest. I'm an avid martial artist and a great fan of learning new sports and activities such as climbing, snowboarding, surfing or skating.