Cloud Native London, October 2017: Microservices and Services Meshes


Join us at Cloud Native London Meetup on Tuesday, October 3, 2017 at 6:30 PM at CodeNode, London.

Discuss microservices, cloud native organisations, and understanding services meshes – more information below. Note you’ll need to register for our venue.

Special thanks to our sponsors who make these possible: Ondat, Contino, Skills Matter and Tecknuovo.

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Cloud Native Organizations
James Stewart

When we talk about “cloud native” we are usually talking about a set of tools that let us build applications that really take advantage of the power of the cloud. But what are the lessons we can draw from this for how we think about our organisations, and how do we spread this power out to those who aren’t directly building applications?

linkerd: the Cloud Native service mesh
Dario Simonetti

Systems are unreliable: networks will fail, applications and containers will crash and servers will die. In a microservice-oriented system, things get even worse as there is an even stronger dependency on the underlying infrastructure. In this talk I will present what linkerd can do to mitigate the risks and challenges that a distributed system introduces.

Dario is Head of Core Engineering at Attest, a consumer insights platforms that is ‎revolutionising the way market research is done. He helps ensure the tech team stays as efficient as possible partly by building a distributed microservice architecture. He also have a mild obsession for clean code and high product quality. He was previous at OVO Energy where, besides other things, he lead the team that built the first product in the UK allowing pay as you go customers to top up online and via app.

Microservices at Monzo
Irina Bednova

How we use Go to build a distributed bank. Irina is a backend engineer at Monzo. She has been in the Ruby / Rails world for over 7 years. Since moving to the UK in 2013 she worked at Freeagent, helping to make “a monolith” scale, and at Makers Academy, teaching the new generation of developers how to write maintainable code. Irina is enthusiastic about overcomplicated text editors from the 70s.

written by:
Danielle Cook