Cloud Native London November Roundup


Despite a definite chill in the London weather, the Cloud Native community turned out for our November meetup with tons of energy, enthusiasm and food and drink sponsored by StorageOS (now Ondat), Tecknuovo and Contino.

Our first speaker was Justin Cormack, software engineer at Docker, on “The Update Framework and Notary: from Tor to Cloud Native”. It was very timely as both Notary and TUF have just been accepted by the CNCF as the 13th and 14th hosted projects.

Justin Cormack, software engineer at Docker

Justin described how updating software securely is not as simple as using TLS, which only guarantees authenticity and integrity.

  • Freshness needs to be guaranteed so that consumers do not apply out-of-date updates.
  • You may want to require multiple individuals to sign off on a release, not just a single individual.
  • Survivable Key Compromise protects against lost cryptographic keys.

TUF and Notary (the framework and Docker’s implementation respectively) enable publishers to enforce these requirements by signing their content offline using keys kept highly secure. The video of Justin’s talk is available here.

Alex Manta, Platform DevOps Engineer at Capgemini

Next, Alex Manta, Platform DevOps Engineer at Capgemini, shared his experiences with migrating to DevOps and cloud with “Obstacles in cloud migrations and why DevOps is not adopted on the large scale”.

Migrating existing enterprise IT systems to DevOps and cloud is more complex than building cloud native systems from scratch. As with many large enterprise IT projects, there was a disconnect between:

  • The enterprise IT requirements of containing costs, stability, and maintaining legacy software, vs
  • The expectation for developer productivity, speed, flexibility, innovation, and highly available and scalable products.

Alex described how he overcame the challenges of historical inertia and legacy debt with a holistic approach to DevOps including processes, tools, priorities and skills. Watch the video here.

Nikhil Gupta spoke on “From Cloud Chaos to Control of Costs”

Finally Nikhil Gupta spoke on “From Cloud Chaos to Control of Costs”. Nikhil described how News UK analyzed their AWS usage and discovered plenty of wastage:

  • Unattached EBS Volumes
  • Unused EC2 and RDS instances
  • Multi-AZ RDS being used in development
  • Millions of untagged snapshots
  • Unused elastic IPs
  • 24×7 development environment

Reducing these enabled them to reduce their AWS bills significantly, and working with Spotinst, represented by Karol Ussher, allowed them to reduce costs even further by deploying safely to AWS spot instances. See the video of Nikhil and Karol’s talk here.

Thanks again to our fantastic speakers and sponsors. Join us on 12 December to hear from James Stewart, Adnan Abhulhussein and Nick Joyce for our last meetup of 2017!

written by:
Cheryl Hung