Cloud Field Day 10: Ondat The Cloud Native Storage Platform


It’s not often that we get a chance to present to a room with many of the best independent thought leaders in the enterprise cloud space.  Although Ondat presented at Tech Field Day back in November 2016, presenting at Cloud Field Day 10 in 2021 was particularly special.

This event follows an incredible start to the year for Ondat after closing an oversubscribed Series B funding round and outperforming industry competitors in the Performance Benchmarking Cloud Native Storage Solutions for Kubernetes report by Chris Evans.  

The Evolution of Cloud Native Storage with Ondat

To start our presentations at Cloud Field Day 10, Alex Chircop, our Founder and CEO was first to the floor with his introduction to The Evolution of Cloud Native Storage with Ondat, highlighting key market trends, the challenges for enterprises and how Ondat’s cloud native storage solution uniquely addresses these challenges.

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Ondat Technical Deep Dive

Next was the ‘Ondat Technical Deep Dive’ with Paul Sobey, Head of Product

Paul provided a concise technical deep dive into Ondat, detailing how the Ondat platform works end-to-end, its unique offering and the products technical differentiators within the cloud native storage market.

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Ondat Live Demo: Database as a Service

After a thoroughly engaging and low level technical analysis, Paul handed the baton to Ferran Castell, Product Reliability Engineering to bring real-life context to the technical deep dive through the use of two live product demos.

Ferran introduced the first demo ‘Ondat Live Demo: Database as a Service’ with a synopsis that was then used to demonstrate a live migration of Postgres databases to a Kubernetes environment with multi-cloud portability and persistent storage.

The demo covered how to build a Database as a Service with persistent storage, highlighting the benefits of self service and the composable means of creating anything-as-a-service end to end when Ondat is used for persistent storage.

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Ondat Live Demo: Database High Availability

Ferran Castell and Paul Sobey then proceeded to demonstrate the implementation of automatic failover with high availability in the ‘Ondat Live Demo: Database High Availability’, demonstrating how mission critical databases with Ondat are highly available and how database data is transparently protected behind the scenes.

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Ondat Technology Use Cases

We concluded with the ‘Ondat Technology Use Cases with James Spurin, Product Evangelist who discussed the flexibility of the Ondat platform and how it empowers a variety of Kubernetes enabled, cloud native technical use cases.

These examples gave an insight into how real life customers are dependent on  Ondat in production today. 

See the full presentation – Vimeo or YouTube

Thanks to all who attended, listened, watched and will watch in the future! 

So what’s next? Get started with Ondat today!

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