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The Inquisitive Unicorn is out! Ondat Launches V2.6 Offering Flexibility, Control, and Observability

When I first started working with Ondat CEO Alex Chircop back in 2018, our companies were head-to-head competitors. We were building out the Cloud Native Storage Day event and, despite competing, we realized that we had to pull together to develop the market. It was hard work to surface enough quality content that would validate the need for running stateful applications on Kubernetes. At the time, many people still believed it was not possible. This was before the arrival of a dedicated Gartner Magic Quadrant on the segment, there were no big analyst firms telling customers, “state in Kubernetes is a challenge you need to pay attention to.” 

Fast forward to today and, first up, I am delighted to be back working with Alex as a newly appointed member of the Ondat advisory board. He and his team have been at the forefront of stateful Kubernetes development for as long as I have known them, and more importantly, they are advancing it in the right direction. 

Yes, the challenge of delivering stateful applications on Kubernetes has been solved. We have seen multiple Kubernetes adoption reports in the last 12 months (including from the DoKC and my current employer Cockroach Labs) that indicate more than 50% of companies are now running stateful applications at scale in Kubernetes and I am pretty confident this figure is probably more like 70% by now.

But today we are entering a far more exciting time where developers are able to fully press home the advantages of Kubernetes-native DevOps across the full spectrum of business applications. This is the interesting part, but the next challenge is how we fully realize this underlying value in development - call me biased but all the interesting things happen when you get further up the stack.

I still struggle with the shift away from the “StorageOS” name, but it was entirely right. The focus of the new Ondat brand is on Kubernetes-native delivery of the data services that developers want, and this is exactly what end-users now need.

We are entering a time where how you do state in Kubernetes and what you do with state in Kubernetes become the all-important factors. This is partly about technical differentiation. Ondat has created incredible new value for developers trying to bridge the gap between databases and the necessary data architecture needed to support cloud-native applications at a global scale. Whether the applications are located at the edge or in the core or on some device, developers need all of this to play together. 

But equally, this next phase is about how technology and process deal with developers and platform engineers as people, how it allows us to solve new challenges together in the fastest way possible. I know ‘technology as the enabler’ is a cliche but with Ondat it's about how it enables developers to skip to the good part, focus on the fun, and enjoy doing what they do best.

Learn how Ondat can help you scale persistent workloads on Kubernetes here.

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Learn how Ondat can help you scale persistent workloads on Kubernetes.