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Switch to the Fastest Container Native Storage

Move your stateful apps to highly performant and low latency container native storage 


Ondat offers Ceph users:

Group 1035

Free access via the Community Edition, and 50% off on PAYG via the Standard Edition as your workloads scale

Group 1036

Free migration services and ongoing specialist Kubernetes support

Group 1037

Cost-effective data backup solution with Kasten by Veeam and CloudCasa by Catalogic

Component 13 – 1

Simplified, fast, and enterprise-ready Kubernetes storage

While Ceph is a great open-source solution to get started, many customers move to Ondat as latency in Ceph systems is high, making it particularly poor for database, or other transactional workloads like message queues

Many “free” solutions offered in the market today are limited by node, which effectively means you are restricted to using them in a small cluster. In contrast, the Ondat Community Edition offers unlimited nodes with enterprise features. You could have a 10-node, 20-node, or 100-node cluster, and deploy Ondat in full capacity. Our pricing is merely limited by storage capacity.

Additionally, the Kasten K10 data management platform and CloudCasa running on Ondat gives our users comprehensive persistent data, high performance, data backup, disaster recovery, and an application portable solution.


High Performance with Low Latency

  • Ondat is the leader in performance and low-latency, as per recent benchmarking.
  • Ondat is significantly faster than the open source solution for transactional workloads, where lower latency directly corresponds to higher transaction rates
  • Faster failover recovery time than any other solution.
  • Unlike the other open source solution, scalability is independent of the clusters and users don't have to add more nodes manually.
  • Unlike other solutions which have object storage based design, Ondat support block and file systems workloads with considerable low latency.

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Flexible and Less Expensive

  • Ondat Enterprise Edition pricing is flexible, subscription based on number of nodes in a cluster and based on your storage capacity.
  • Due to the poor performance of the open source solution, users need to add more computers and discs making it very expensive to run.
  • It is very expensive to scale in cloud systems as the open source solution requires upto 5 times more network bandwidth.
  • Ondat is easy to use and deploy using an operator, reducing operational costs when scaling clusters.


Consistent and No Lock in

  • Get started with just one node, unlike Ceph which require at least 7 nodes as the best practice.
  • No minimum HCI requirements like 3 storage devices, 72 GiB memory and 30 CPU.
  • Delta sync ensures rapid reconvergence and strong data consistency of data whilst per block checksums avoids silent data corruption.
  • Better availability and recovery capacity on failure as blast radius effect on failure is minimised.
  • Ondat’s integration with leading Kubernetes backup providers, Kasten by Veeam and CloudCasa enable data protection and backup, without being locked in to one vendor.
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